Aquasition – Dev Diary Part 14 – Finishing the Project

This week has mostly been spent making the last few changes I can make in the game in response to feedback. As well as getting the whole game in as good a shape as I can for the deadline.

Been working on the ending sequence recently, I wanted it to look a bit more special to better communicate that it was a positive thing that was happening. Also, to make sure it didn’t look like the character was just heading off into the distance. I added a sound effect and some particle effects, then I made the character fade to white as well as they shrink. This looks much more like something is happening now I think and I hope it is received better at the event.

Another change I made, which was probably a bit overdue was implementing a new face for the player character. I had left a placeholder face on the character for too long and finally decided it was time to actually use the face I had designed originally. I also made a quick blinking frame for it to make it look a little more alive.

I also did a little bit of coding to get the mac controller mappings working better, but I will need to spend a little time testing and getting it right before the events and after hand-in.


I made a t-shirt the other day by cutting out a stencil of the game’s logo and using a fabric pen to fill it in. I think it looks alright and it will make it obvious which game I am attached to at the events and that is all I wanted it for.

There will be a few things I will have to work on after the hand-in but it will mostly be planning and preparation for the events and improving the overall presentation of the game and my project ready to show to the public.