Aquasition – Dev Diary Part 9 – Parallax and some other visual stuff

I have been working on getting some parallax working in the game effectively for a little while now. After I learned the logic of how parallax works in games it took a little while to code it into my game and a lot longer to make adjustments to get everything looking right.

It took a lot of fiddling with the layers to make sure everything looked right and the correct things were visible and moving at the right speeds, but I think it really adds a lot of the depth to the game world. Overall I think it was worth the effort despite being a mostly cosmetic addition to the game.

2.1 parallax gif.gif

I have also been working on better animation for the player character as you might have noticed in the gif above. I reworked the design a little bit to help it avoid the “pair of trousers” comments that it received at the 1st test session, as comical as they were.

I have also added a few additions and alterations to other visual elements. I changed the design of the player character’s chain to create a juxtaposition with the natural things in the world. The erratic straight lines suggest a more ‘human’ influence which should help to further communicate the themes of the game. I also created some custom particle effects to give them a more mystical sparkly look.

Chain Particles Gif.gif

Additionally, I created a small looping jellyfish animation to use as a custom particle effect. The particle system dispenses the jellyfish that slowly drift upwards through the sea. Moving these particle systems that I have used to dispense fish, into parallax layers really helps make theme look like they are set back into the sea a bit from the player.Jelly gif.gif

I also took some screenshots and put together an page so you can visit that right here and try the game out: