My Final Major Project in my third year studying Games Design and Art at Winchester School of Art. Read my Dev blog here.

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Read the full initial design document PDF here: Aquasition Proposal Sam Clay

I am building a game by myself in the last semester of my third year on the course and I will be documenting the process in my dev diary on this website. The game was inspired by my interest in eastern philosophy and meditation in particular. The idea of the game is to encourage a less selfish perspective on material possessions and prestige. This idea came from the belief among eastern thinkers that limiting our attachment to material things and the ego is a path towards greater happiness and a more peaceful state of being. I came across a metaphor from Thich Nhat Hanh that describes us as thinking we are all individual and insignificant waves, when instead we should think of ourselves as the ocean itself, all one and the same – not separate. I thought this could make for a great visual metaphor and I wanted to explore this in my game so I set the game underwater and designed mechanics that would encourage detachment from material things in the game. This runs counter to most games in that they usually encourage players to accumulate items, wealth and power so I think it will be interesting to explore what happens when I play with the player’s expectations of how a game usually works.

mechanics snip
Initial Mechanics Design

The basic structure of the game has players explore and interact with the underwater world to help it grow and reveal collectibles. These collectibles make the player grow and become more decorative in its form. They also slow the player down eventually and the world will wither if the player keeps taking from it. There should be a point at which the player will rethink their perspective and work towards the real goal of the game helping the world grow and letting their player character shrink again until eventually it dissolves into the ocean giving life back to the sea.

evo snip no slug
Initial Character Ideas

Some initial ideas for the development of the player character. On the right the character is more overburdened with decorative elements and the chain around its neck will grow larger and heavier. This character design is meant to be reminiscent of royalty with long robes and a crown to reflect the game’s theme of accumulating power and wealth.