Bugs Ahoy

See the full Game Design Document here

For Bugs Ahoy I wanted to design a game chiefly about exploration in a world that was hostile and difficult to traverse. The player captains a ship in a world infested with giant insects and must survive at sea to avoid these insects on land. I wanted to have more non-traditional methods of survival and to avoid combat so when the player is on foot they are helpless and must use their movement abilities and musical and sound based distractions to avoid the insects altogether. The full narrative of the game was intended to encourage a more thoughtful perspective on our place as humans in the ecosystem and our effect on the planet and climate change. In the above image is some character designs I created for the game’s various crew members and NPCs.

The Pitch:

People have retreated to the seas from the monstrous vermin that have overwhelmed the lands. Brave the seas and build a vessel fit to explore the ends of the earth whilst collecting crew members and discovering strange lands in an attempt to discover a new hope for humanity beyond the edge of the known world.


Here is some of the music I made for the game:

After the design document was finished I handed the game to another team to create a vertical slice but still contributed music, sound and design whilst working on my other project at the time: Dead on Arrival.

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